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The legend lives

The VERITAS brand was born in 1894. In 1903, with the foundation of the large sewing machine factory in Wittenberge, our history really took off. In the middle of the 50s, in the time of East Germany, the golden era of VERITAS began. More than 3,000 employees have produced over 7 million machines for the entire world during this time. After the reunion of 1991, the end came initially for sewing machines.


In these years, legendary sewing machines such as the models 8014/29, 8014/42 and the Columba were produced. Today, 25 years after the temporary withdrawal of the brand, the story of VERITAS is reintroduced. With a new generation of state-of-the-art sewing machines - and our traditional values such as quality, design and reliability.

Traditional Manual

Quality has tradition in this place

VERITAS sewing machines have always distinguished themselves by their design, unshakable reliability and path breaking innovations. In 1963, for example, VERITAS developed the world's first sewing machine with a plastic housing. This tradition is also continued with the sewing machines of the latest generation.

All new VERITAS sewing machines place great emphasis on solid, high-quality work flow. Because we want our customers to enjoy their sewing work for many years. This is not only noticeable in the complete equipment with extensive accessories, it is also evident in the particularly long warranty period. For five long years - three more than legislation prescribes - we protect our customers against repair costs.


In addition to high quality, all new VERITAS machines are characterised by modern technology, which is provided in a timelessly elegant form. The elegant as well as practical design enables ease of operation, which makes each and every handling easier.

Schmetz Inside

The perfect interaction

We know that for an ideal result, all components must fit perfectly together. Only if the quality is right down to the smallest detail can the whole product be of good quality. Therefore all VERITAS sewing machines are equipped with needles from Schmetz.


With over 160 years of experience, SCHMETZ is one of the world's leading suppliers of needle systems, which are specially developed for working on textile products. The needles are characterised by maximum quality awareness and reliability. A proof that VERITAS pushes quality to the top.

Red Power Cord

Signs of originality

One sewing machines differs from another. Although many sewing machines look quite similar at first sight, they differ very clearly in quality, technology and reliability. These differences are often seen only at a second glance.


An original VERITAS is always recognisable immediately: The characteristic red power cable is typically VERITAS. You can place your trust in this highly visible sign and be sure that your requirements for technology and components are met.


The right thing for everyone

DIY and self-creation are the trends of the time. And we at VERITAS want to help everyone become creative and productive. That's why you'll find a whole range of different sewing machines - from low-priced entry-level models to professional computerised sewing machines.


VERITAS offers the right model for every requirement and need. All are equipped with the appropriate accessories to get started right away and implement your own ideas - from quick repair to creating a complete fashion collection. And every new VERITAS continues the legendary history of the great brand: with high quality, elegant design, advanced technology and the clear desire to open up the world of sewing for all people.

Important Women

Woman at the centre

The 20th century was the century of women. They pushed forward, created creative currents with countless new impulses. By this, they laid the foundations for emancipation and inspired generations of self-conscious women to this day.


VERITAS places the woman in the centre by naming our models after the first names of important women. Pioneers who have broken the ground and prepared the way for the woman of today. Outstanding, self-confident and style-building personalities, who conveyed the feeling of life and the dreams of their time, give the VERITAS brand a face. The purchase of a VERITAS today is a statement for timeless ideals and feminine self-determination.