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Example of nature

The trendy colours for 2017 are all related to nature. The colour experts of Pantone Fashion Colour Reports have been inspired strongly in their selection by nature. Warm hazelnut, vital primroses yellow and two natural green tones - powerful or gentle - are some of the colours we will meet again and again in 2017.
Natural Colours

We do blue

All fashion experts are sure about one thing: 2017 is becoming blue. And moreover forcefully. Whether as a powerful, luminous lapis blue or as Niagara, which comes very close to the classic denim tone: There is no way past blue next year. Classical jeans also remain fully trendy in 2017.
Strong blue colours

Flaming passion

Red was one of the determining colours of 2016. This continues in the coming year, but in two strong signal tones. Flaming orange is the signal colour of the spring, which promises a lot of vitality and freshness. Contrasting is pink yarrow or pink-tinted yarrow. The colour tone which reminds of raspberry sets strong accents and will certainly polarise. 2017 will be anything but monotone!
Flaming Red colour