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Young Look – Sewing tutorial for boot leggings

Boots alone are already totally trendy. And anyone who wishes to be a bit more individual, wears leggings from fulled material.
Young Look

Pure joy of life - sewing tutorial for a vest with a floral print

Warm colours from the red palette generate a positive feeling of life and prevent any winter depression. The cuddly fur harmonises with the curved flowers and contrasts with the clear cut of strict line division.
Lebensfreude pur

Happy parade of cushions

Bright colors and imaginative shapes invite you to linger. Beautiful patchwork materials with colorful ribbons ensure cheerful serenity.
Kissen Teaser Image

Golden times! Sewing tutorial for a jacket

Gold is a completely trendy colour, and if it is sufficiently discreetly used, non-gold lovers can also warm to it. This linen jacket with a touch of gold luster is sporty chic.
Goldige Zeiten!

Catch, catch! We sew a cuddly crocodile

We recommend this little cheerful animal for our youngest. You can even walk it on a lead, and it certainly does not bite!
Schnapp, schnapp!

In abundance

Tie, socks or a bottle of wine? How about this year a Christmas gift which is equally practical as well as individual? Not only computer nerds, but everyone is happy with this chic case for a tablet or laptop.
Tasche für Tablets

A bag for all occasions

There are women who say: One cannot have enough bags! And you are absolutely correct. This is because a bag should not only be practical, but also fit into the style of the day.
Eine Tasche für alle Fälle

Really something to think about

Finally Winter - finally snow! A well-known proverb says: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. And that applies especially in winter.
Wahre Kopfsache